Gèza Szilvay
ESTA workshop in Oslo

Presentation or Key note speech ”Introducing the Kodály concept based Colourstrings violin/viola  teaching approach”

Workshop 1. Developing the basic holds, basic movements and basic rhythms
– numbered pizzicato
– octave natural harmonics
– early chamber music

Workshop 2. The Geminiani and the Colourstrings finger pattern
– natural harmonics in first position
– reading in the one line system
– playing together

Workshop 3. Left hand stopping motion
– stopping with first, second, third and fourth fingers
– reading in the two line system

Workshop 4. Pentachord and pentaton melodies
– new rhythms
– bow division
– string crossing
– transposing
– introducing the stave system

Workshop 5.  Minor and major pentachords and hexachords
– accidentals
– slurs and string crossing

Workshop 6. Diatony. Major and natural minor melodies from the relative system to the absolute system
– new rhythms
– bow division

Workshop 7. Time signatures
– Ornaments
– Pizzicatos
– Bowings 

Pamela Devenport

  • Tone, sjel og klang
  • Alle former og størrelser
  • Hvordan undervise balanse?
  • Kommunikasjon, energi og læringsstiler